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Familiar Or Not

If you are not already familiar with it, sybaritic describes a person who is a hedonist, self-indulgent and a lover of sensuous luxury and pleasure.

The ancient Romain city of Sybaris, originally founded by Greek settlers, was located in the Calabria region of Italy in the Gulf of Taranto, tucked into the instep of the boot of Italy.

Every Hedonist Has His Day

In its day, Sybaris was a busy port surrounded by fertile land, and the citizens of Sybaris amassed enormous wealth and were famous among the Greeks for their conspicuous consumption. Their readiness to indulge their hedonism was so famous that the word sybaritic has come down to us through the ages.

Sybaris was eventually overrun and disappeared off the map until the 1960s when the ruins were rediscovered by a team from the University of Pennsylvania led by Froehlich Rainey. He was working in collaboration with the Lerice Foundation of Rome trying to locate ancient Sybaris.

And Now For Something Completely Different

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh runs from the castle as the top of the hill, down to the old town, and ends at Holyrood and the Scottish Parliament, staring at one another across a narrow road.

During the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Royal Mile is transformed, with artists, performers, and actors from the Fringe Festival giving the crowds a taste of what they are offering in their shows.

There are in fact several festivals running simultaneously in Edinburgh during the summer months.

There is the International Festival with more mainstream arts (although the line is blurred between it and the Fringe) including performances by famous internationally-known orchestras.

Then there is the Book Festival and the Jazz and Blues Festival – and to top it off there is the Art Festival, with installations all over the city.

The Mood In The City Of The Largest Festival In The World

The Fringe Festival doesn’t represent all of Edinburgh, but one thing you cannot help but notice is the positive feeling in the crush and crowds on the Royal Mile.

In contrast to the streets of London, for example, one year I saw just two policemen on the Royal Mile when I spent a few hours here watching performances, talking to people, and photographing the performers.

That is quite a testament to the Edinburgh festival – the largest festival in the world.

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