More text needed on this test site. And first off let’s talk about how the name Mudpuffle came about. Do you know that game where you have to say a word – be it one syllable or more – that must not be a recognisable word? Thus for example you could say parngralk because no part of that two-syllable word is a recognised word. You will not find parn in the dictionary, nor gralk.

At least I say so, but who knows what arcane words may lurk there. So the rules of the game dictate that the players must not know of the words, even if they exist in fact in the dictionary.

All of which leads me to say that Mudpuffle would fail because there is the word mud in there and the word puff – although some players follow the rule that if the whole of the syllable is not a word, then a split apart part does not fall foul of the rules. There is some flexibility in that as you can imagine.

After all, it wouldn’t take much to finagle any number of existing words into something near but not exactly that word. For example scrallturnle should get through even though there is turn in the second part. And muggfle should get through even though there is mug in there. But toastil? Ah, that’s one to fight over.