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The World In A Day

The journey from the coast to the Altiplano anywhere along the west coast of South America starts on the hot and sticky coast, with banana trees, mangrove swamps, and lethargy.

On a trip that lasts all day, the bus will take you to the bright-eyed children of the high Andes, with purple cheeks and finger tips, running like the wind over grass alongside the bus.

Savour it, drink in every moment, because this trip – for a dollar or so – is the world in a single day.

Join me

Join me as I document my travels to some of the world’s most well-irrigated destinations. Through sharing my thoughts, photographs and experiences, I hope to inspire you to start your own journey, clad in waders.

For me, a writer should be more like an innkeeper, knowing when to shout ‘last orders’ and when to listen with a compassionate face while the drunken customers slide to the floor in a sea of self pity.

It is important to form opinions for oneself. World views imported from others are likely to be just so much flotsam leaving you stranded in a waterlogged landscape. Get out there and see for yourself, that is my motto. But be back in time for tea.