Yes To Life In Spite of Everything

Yes To Life In Spite of Everything by Viktor E Frankl


My Review

Frankl gave three lectures shortly after the end of Word War II, and this book is a translation of those lectures. In some ways it is a simple book in which he argues that life is meaningful and relationships are meaningful because we are limited. We are not all-knowing and we are not immortal. And these two facts make life precious.

Frankl makes the case for any and every life being precious, and is fundamentally opposed to treating any life as worthless or redundant. He cites cases where in the approach of death, people have found the seriousness and focus that has eluded them all their lives.

As the author of Man’s Search For Meaning and a man who went through the hell of Auschwitz, Frankl has claim to be able to say something about the nature of suffering, of imperfection, and of life. He saw first hand how people occupied themselves when they were starving, when they were brutalised, and when they were consigned to the scrap heap and yet retained meaning in their lives.