Q. Why this book review website?

A: Partly because I hope you will click through to Amazon and that I will thereby earn a commission.

Q. Yes, but why books? Aren’t there most expensive things you could be recommending?

A: Yes there are, but I couldn’t review them if I haven’t tried them.

Q. So have you actually read all the books you are recommending?

A: Yes, I have. If I haven’t read it I can’t review it. And if there is a book that I have read and I think it is ‘not worth it’, then I probably wouldn’t review it. I generally stick to the principle elucidated by Bob Dylan that if you do not have good news, then don’t bring any.

Q. Why are you reviewing posters on this website?

A: For similar reasons, and also partly because I love excellent graphic design, and posters are sometimes the hidden gems of design.